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To become one of the best law schools, if not the best law school, in the Asia Pacific Region that promote law reform, social development, respect for the rule of law, and awareness of civic responsibility of lawyers.


As center for quality legal learning and research, to provide student-centered and socially-relevant education through globally competitive academic and professional skills development programs.

To this end, we shall:

1. Attract, retain, and develop top caliber students, faculty and staff;

2. Develop and continually upgrade our curriculum;

3. Provide and maintain world-class facilities and quality services for the students, faculty and staff;

4. Institutionalize our scholarship programs;

5. Strengthen our linkages with local and foreign agencies and institutions;

6. Participate actively in advocacy and legal aid programs; and

7. Maintain and improve our various programs, including the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE).


Consistent with its Vision and Mission, UC School of Law aims to:

1. Clarify and push the frontiers of knowledge in law through basic legal education and research;

2. Promote the good of the person and the welfare of society through the pursuit of truth within the mechanisms of a democratic society;

3. Advance the cause of the less-privileged and the marginalized sectors of the country through an efficient delivery of justice in the courts of law; and

4. Produce competent and exemplary lawyers who passes not only the orientation, knowledge and skills in law but also the desirable moral values expected of the members of the legal profession.


In carrying out its Goals, UC School of Law adopts and will inculcate in its students, faculty, and staff the following values of the University:

Innovation – We embrace change and technological advancement to improve lives.

Camaraderie – We live together in the spirit of love, harmony, and respect for the dignity of the human person.

Alignment– We value common good and appreciate oneness, fairness and consistency.

Respect– We practice professionalism at all times and abide by the University’s guiding principles.

Excellence– We are driven and committed to become the finest higher educational institution.