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University of Cebu School of Law shall be the leading MCLE Service Provider in the Visayan Region in conducting activities, forums, symposiums, and other activities that will not only enhance and upgrade the knowledge and skill of the lawyers but will also enrich their values as lawyers and citizens of the country.




To provide up-to-date, efficient, and productive service for continuing education not just to the legal community but also to the other sectors of society.




  1. To conduct regular seminars and annual conventions in Cebu or in the Visayas Region for lawyers and for the various sectors of society.


  1. To provide a database and to supply regular reports for the participants’ compliance with the MCLE Program.


  1. To provide continuous information for the lawyers and to the public on MCLE activities through the web, media, and newsletter.


  1. To enter into joint undertakings with the Government, business, and non-government sectors for the promotion of legal education and awareness of the Law to the various sectors of society.


  1. To conduct information and awareness campaign on important issues that affect the legal profession and society, in general.