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The library will not be open for service during the semestral break, Christmas vacation, and on occasion when a memo is received from top management.


Unless otherwise directed or revised by the University, the library hours are as follows:


    • Monday – Saturday.
      7:30 am – 10:00 pm
    • Sundays (before and during major examinations).
      7:30 am – 6:00 pm
    • Other Sundays and Holidays upon request.
    • Midterm and Final Examination Week.
      [extension of service upon request]


Note: A buzzer announces that the user has fifteen minutes to wind up before closing time.





The Library Department has instituted some policies in order to preserve our collections and ensure that the library is a safe and comfortable environment for all users. Users should be considerate of their fellow library users and abide by the policies, rules, and regulations of the library. Some services and collections may have particular policies governing their use. Refer to library staff, flyers or posted signages in certain areas in the library.


In order to perform its functions to the satisfaction of all students, the library needs to have the following rules:



The following may use the library resources subject to the rules and regulations governing their use.


  • All bona fide students, faculty and non-teaching staff of the university.
  • Students, faculty and non-teaching staff from other UC Campuses.
  • Cross-registrants from other universities and colleges.
  • Non-Members:
    • Alumni
    • Students from other schools
    • Government and private researchers
    • Visitors with university appointments


Temporary non-members will be allowed to use the library only on Saturdays.


2. SILENCE and proper decorum must be observed at all times in the library. Inappropriate or unruly conduct will not be tolerated. Library staff will intervene to stop prohibited activities and behaviors (e.g. playing and watching movies using electronic gadgets, etc.). Any student caught misbehaving will be listed and reported to the SAO for sanction and the student will be advised to leave the library.


3. Use of any electronic gadget is allowed. Set cellular phones and other electronic devices to silent or vibrate mode. Any act contrary to such will be advised to leave the library.


4. Unofficial picture taking using digital cameras or mobile phones with a built-in camera is strictly not allowed. If necessary for project-related purposes, the permission of the campus librarian is required.




6. Eating is prohibited inside the library. Food and beverages (except water) are not permitted and should be consumed or deposited outside the library.


7. The library should be kept clean and orderly. Chairs must be pushed back against the table after using and must not be transferred from one place to another. Observe the appropriate number of seating capacity for each table and the corresponding color coding of the chairs.


8. Books in the reading area should not be returned to the shelves but be left on the table to avoid them from being misplaced. Reserved books, Periodicals and Library Use Only (LUO) need to be returned to the Reserve Section, Periodicals Section, and Central Circulation Desk.


9. Use the library materials properly. Do not tear any page/s nor underline any parts as these are forms of vandalism and are punishable under library policy.


10. LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS. The Library Department is not responsible for any personal items that are lost or stolen in the library. However, the library maintains a Lost and Found section at the Central Circulation Desk. If items will not be claimed after two days it will be submitted to the Students Affairs Office (SAO).




a. All bona fide students of the University can borrow library materials upon presentation of valid school ID. A school ID is a permit to enter and use the library. The school ID is non-transferrable. Students caught using another school ID will have their school ID confiscated.

b. Validated school ID must be presented when borrowing any of the library materials at the loan desk.

c. Students who want to reproduce any of the library materials must ask permission from the Section In-charge, sign the book card, and leave their school ID.




a. Any user who wants to use the library is required to pass through security screening located at the entrance/exit doors.

A log system is installed at the entrance door as a control measure allowing students of the University to enter the library and to facilitate statistics on user patronage.


b. Every user should wear their validated school ID before entering the library.


Upon entering the library, every student will be required to:

  • Scan their school ID in the Log System
  • Open and show their briefcases, bags, folders, big envelopes, etc.
  • Properly log in their laptops, netbooks, etc.


Upon leaving the library, every student will be required to:

  • Open and show their briefcases, bags, folders, envelopes, etc.
  • Show Date Due Slip of every library material/s that are to be taken outside of the library for inspection.
  • Properly log out their laptops, netbooks, printers, etc.

c. Photocopy Center. Materials for reproduction will be checked at the Photocopy Center. The user fills out a Photocopy Slip; leave ID and book card to the working scholar in-charge. Patrons are required to comply with copyright law in cases where books are photocopied, or scanned. Capturing of images, printing, downloading information sources in print, electronic or any other formats must comply to the rules specified in the intellectual property law.



1. Transaction Hours

Law Library
Monday—Saturday8:00 am – 9:45 pm


2. Students may be allowed to borrow a maximum of five (5) books at a time, while faculty can borrow a maximum of ten (10) books, [Exception: non-circulating materials e.g. periodicals, general reference, etc.]

ii. Reference books may be borrowed for 1 week, renewable for another 1 week, unless needed by other students.

iii. Reserved books may be borrowed for two (2) hours within the library, subject to renewal, if not in demand.


Overnight use for course reserves

Check out                      Due date

Monday – Friday

5:30 pm                     6:00 pm the following working day



4:30 pm                    6:00 pm the following working day


Days prior to Sundays and Holiday Service

5:00pm                              1:00 pm


Sundays and Holidays

4:00 pm                             8:00 am next working day         


Note: Room Use is only applicable if classes are scheduled during morning & afternoon sessions (8:00 am – 5:30 pm)      


Central Circulation Desk will close at 9:45 pm.


iv. Fiction books may be borrowed for one (1) week, renewable if not in demand.

v. The following materials are to be read only in the library:

  • General Reference Books [encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, books in set, etc.]
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Filipiniana books except for Filipiniana (Reserve) books
  • Asiania
  • Periodicals [newspapers, magazines, and journals]
  • Highly Illustrated Items in closed cabinets
  • Other materials intended for library use such as CDs/DVDs and electronic resources can be viewed within the library premises. CDs / DVDs and electronic resources are previewed before they are borrowed by the users.


3. A week before the final examination, books can no longer be borrowed for home use.


4. Fines and Penalties


i. Overdue books:

Reserved books: Php5.00 for the first hour and Php3.00 for every succeeding hour including Sundays and Holidays.

Php25.00 per day will be charged for unreturned reserved books and periodicals borrowed for photocopying use.

Reference books: Php3.00 per day, including Sundays and Holidays.

Fiction books: Php3.00 per day, including Sundays and Holidays.

ii. Lost books must be reported immediately to the Central Circulation Staff In-charge and be replaced or paid within 15 days, after which charges will be reported to the Cashier’s Office to the account of the person concerned.

Note: Fines and charges for lost books may vary per campus.

iii. Habitual delinquency. Suspension of the privilege to borrow library materials is imposed on students who are frequently late in returning books and who willfully disregard library regulations.

iv. Mutilating and stealing. Students caught or proven to be stealing and mutilating library property are recommended for disciplinary action by the SAO.

v. Students violating the library rules & regulations, policies will be reported to the SAO Director for sanction.


5. Technology-Based Services


a. Internet

  1. All bona fide students of the University can use the Internet facilities of the library upon presentation of their valid school ID.
  2. Students are charged a minimal amount for the use of Internet services.

    Printing of searched topics is also permitted for a fee. 
  3. Access to sexually explicit material is strictly prohibited. Students caught accessing sexually explicit sites will be dealt with accordingly. 
  4. Talking, eating, drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited inside the room. 
  5. Companions and bystanders are not allowed.

b. Wi-Fi Facility. Users are responsible for making sure their computers have the correct settings and necessary hardware to access the service. Library staff cannot assist users in configuring their equipment in troubleshooting problems [Law Library].

c. Electrical Outlets are provided in the library public spaces. They are only intended for laptop and other gadgets. Charging zones are assigned and outlets are intended for students use.

d. Public Access Computers. Computers intended as a free based service allowing users to access the online catalog, e-journals, e-books, online databases [reference, textual, bibliographic] as well as identified websites for educational needs.



Students violating the library established rules, regulations, and policies will be reported to the SAO Director for sanction.


Complaints, suggestions, and comments to library business should be addressed to library personnel verbally or written [suggestion box] or by email [ucbaniladcampus_library@yahoo.com]. If the complaint has not been settled, the user may contact the Campus Librarian.