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Juris Doctor – First Year



My first semester in law school was definitely not a walk in the park. Professors would usually give 30 plus cases and assign numerous provisions which we have to memorize and understand and the dreadful oral recitations. In addition, part in reading cases is that I have  to dig deeper, analyze, fully comprehend the facts, and pay attention to details.

These everyday tasks of a law student greatly require a lot of patience, diligence, and many late nights reading. Nonetheless, along the journey, law school made me appreciate the law even more. Our professors trained us to develop the skills and the attitude necessary to measure up with the rigid standards imposed upon the legal profession. This includes thinking critically amidst pressure and to persevere at all times. For me, law school is intended to be challenging because lawyers are the forerunners in protecting and promoting human rights. To be a lawyer and be able to help my fellow countrymen has always been my dream. And I believe that the UC School of Law can make that dream possible. “



Juris Doctor – Second Year


            “The UC School of Law has given me more than just the lowdown on how to survive law school through the hornbook law of grit. The school emulates the qualities of good parents – attending to the needs of its students while instilling in us the value of perseverance and passion. The professors are zealous and always keep us on our toes. The school has also encouraged us to explore the realm beyond our academic lives. I have had the opportunity to represent the school in mooting competitions and activities in the Philippines, U.S. and France and I could not be any grateful despite the difficulties that come with participating in extracurricular activities. In my book, the skills I have acquired in the process are gems that a law student cannot normally obtain from classroom discussions. But most importantly, our professors have constantly reminded us that a law school’s undertaking is not limited to preserving the academic yardstick that future lawyers are expected to uphold. It has continuously reminded us of the importance, nay, necessity of living up to the moral principles that will evoke the confidence of the people towards the profession. This august institution, the training ground for the future of the legal profession, strives to stimulate the law students’ desire to have a deeper understanding of the rule of law and the ramifications of an ever-changing world to the many facets of the legal practice.”



Juris Doctor – Third Year


            “Law school is probably the most stressful journey one could ever take. But, it is not just that. It is so much more. In the midst of sleepless nights reading legal provisions, digesting loads of Supreme Court decided cases, disastrous recitations, surprise quizzes, arduous exams, and challenging professors — is a friendship forged and bonded by one common feat – to survive it all.


My life in University of Cebu School of Law (so far) has been nothing but the best I had ever been. I enjoyed immensely its FREE TUITION program for those who make it to the Dean’s List.  Such opportunity drives one to work even harder in the following semester.  But the notion that law students are boring, nerds, geeks, zombies who lack social life, is a misconception.  On the contrary, we party hard as we study harder. We reward ourselves with cases of drinks but we make sure to conscientiously digest as more cases as required for the recitations in the next day. I can also play basketball like it’s the most coveted dessert after a sumptuous meal. The four distinguished houses at UC Law – Veritas, Opsequium, Libertas and Aequitas where I belong, display their talents and skills during the Law Days where courage, strength, sportsmanship, and camaraderie are built. Indeed, law school is that chapter of your life you so fervently wish to finish but will surely miss when it ends.


            When I decided to want to become a lawyer, I did so because I wanted to change the world one case at a time.  Thankfully, UC law provides me with just the right training and direction. I am forever grateful to this institution for allowing me to do the things I like while reaching my goals in life. When you want to become a lawyer, you want to learn the law and in the process, you also learn to pray. Similar to life, in law school it’s not always ups but mostly downs. I’ve learned that the answer to any legal question, and to life’s questions in general, is not always ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  It depends.”




Juris Doctor – Fourth Year


“Choosing University of Cebu-School of Law is one of the best choices I have made. While it cannot be argued that studying law is challenging, this relatively young law school in the Visayas region strives to make learning easier and effective to every student. The school has provided me significant support I need as a law student.


 UC School of Law prepares us to pass the Bar Exam from the first day we entered law school until we finish our academic degrees. We receive quality education, with our highly qualified professors and instructors maintaining high standards, giving us the opportunity to grow, providing necessary feedback, and fortifying our legal foundation by teaching us the most essential precepts and principles of law. The school continues to produce well-educated graduates and students throughout the years. “