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AVP – Contract Management, Aboitiz Construction Group, Inc.
Bachelor of Laws – Batch 2006


      “Trying to articulate what I feel about UC Law is particularly difficult, for how does one describe a life-changing experience? Way back in 2002, when UC and Atty. Go offered the gift of free legal education, my only aim was to get to be a lawyer. To my pleasant surprise and eternal gratitude, with UC Law, I did not only acquire a law degree but I gained a family!


From the time when it first opened its doors to the present, the beautiful edifice in Banilad has been like a second home to me. The people in the campus from the security guards, the library personnel, working staff to the faculty and administration all contributed to the welcoming and nurturing atmosphere. My professors, who are lawyers of great intellect and integrity, served as our parents, teaching us not only to become valued lawyers in society but to become lawyers with values. My classmates and fellow law students with whom I have forged ties of lifetime friendship are the siblings I never had.


Being part of UC Law does not end when one graduates or becomes a lawyer. The unwavering support and care for its students and alumni continues. That is what makes UC Law special.


I will forever be grateful to UC and Atty. Go for the gift of faith, opportunity and family!”




Partner-in-charge (Cebu), SyCip Gorres Velayo& Co. (SGV & Co.)
Bachelor of Laws – Batch 2006


         “ UC School of Law creates a nurturing learning environment that feels like home. The relationships forged feels like family where no one is left behind. The professors as well as the school administration sincerely care for the welfare of the students. From day one, students are trained to develop good study habits in preparation for the bar exam and more so to develop good work ethics in preparation for legal practice. As a result, UC School of Law produces graduates who are not only technically competent but more importantly, ethical lawyers.”




Bachelor of Laws – Batch 2011


        “UNIVERSITY OF CEBU SCHOOL OF LAW is about excellence. It exacts diligence from students and demands full commitment to academic life. Preparation for the Bar Examinations starts straightaway on the first day of school. Students are always expected to read the assignments before coming to class. Rewards for hard work are aplenty, which may come in the form of scholarships, discounts, and other incentives. Students are assured of a caring environment as they go through the rigors of law school. Professors are firm but friendly, tough but supportive, strict but fair, frightening at times but encouraging all of the times. The facilities are impeccable and the staff is warm and amiable. For what it’s worth, the first professor I met in the University of Cebu School of Law is the very same professor who escorted me to the venue of the Bar Examinations four years later. Looking back, I could not ask for a better partner to walk the road with towards my dream of becoming a lawyer.”



Children’s Legal Bureau
Bachelor of Laws – Batch 2015


            “I have always been interested in development work and I thought law school would change that for me. On the contrary, the UC School of Law opened doors for me. I got to meet and study under the tutelage of local public interest law champions in the fields of environmental law, women and children’s rights protection, and human rights, like Atty. Gloria Estenzo Ramos, Atty. Rose-Liza Eisma-Osorio and the late Atty. Cheryl Cabutihan. On top of that, UC Law is very active in advocacy and volunteer work. Since my admission to the Bar, I have been involved in work specializing in child protection, environmental advocacy and human rights education, and I will forever be grateful to UC Law for the exposure and for hiring teachers who are sources of inspiration. May the School never lose its soul and may it continue to care for the people in the margins. May it never lose sight of what is truly important: a legal system genuinely working for the people and ethical lawyers who care and are brave enough to make it happen.”



Juris Doctor – Batch 2016


       “UC Law’s strong tradition of excellence fosters a learning environment that is both challenging and engaging. This, coupled with UC Law’s stellar faculty and supportive administration, produces graduates that are ready for the bar examinations and for distinguished careers as lawyers. I can say, without reservation, that I owe my successes as a lawyer to the inspiring mentorship and rigorous training in UC Law.”