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A “continuing student” is a student who is previously enrolled in the university in the immediately preceding semester and is not disqualified to continue his or her law studies in the University. Non-academic reasons for the non-readmission are governed by the Disciplinary rules and regulations of the University. 




  • Accomplished Student’s Clearance Form
    (To be secured form from the Registrar’s Office)

  • Copy of summary of grades
    (For 2nd year and 3rd year law students only)



Step 1:          

Accomplish Student’s Personal Data Sheet and enrollment Form for Old Student and submit it to the Dean’s Office together with all the requirements for proper evaluation.


A student who has cumulatively failed in two subjects in violation of the School of Law’s two-failure rule shall be automatically disqualified from continuing his or her law studies in the law school.


Any requirements not submitted during the enrollment in the previous semester(s) must first be satisfied before the student is allowed to enroll for the ensuing semester. At the discretion of the Dean, submission of the lacking requirements may be deferred provided the student shall execute an undertaking to accomplish the lacking requirements before the end of the ensuing semester.


Upon receipt of the duly accomplished enrollment form, the Dean’s Office staff shall review the subjects and schedules plotted by the student to ensure strict compliance with the law school’s policy on pre-requisite subjects.


Step 2:

If the accomplished enrollment Form is in order, proceed to the Students Section of the Accounting Department (located at the Ground Floor of UC Banilad) for the assessment of the student’s account.


Step 3:

Proceed to the Cashier(located at the Ground Floor of UC Banilad) to pay the enrollment fee.


Step 4:

Proceed to the Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Department (located at the Ground Floor of UC Banilad) for the encoding of schedule and the issuance of the corresponding study load.


Step 5:

Proceed to the Library (located at the Third Floor of UC Banilad) for the validation of the student’s existing school identification card.


Step 6:

Submit the accomplished Personal Data Sheet Form at the School of Law Dean’s Office.